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Creating an about us page is a essential when you’re building an online store. About us pages allow you to share your brand’s story with your customer.

While some store owners may overlook the importance of this page, the reality is your customers want to see it.

According to Hubspot, 52% of customers want to see about us information when visiting a homepage. That can include a link to a separate page or a section where you dive into who your brand is over several web pages. In this article, you’ll learn why you need an about us page, tips for creating an awesome about us page, and about us examples.

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Why You Need An About Us Page

About us pages help your customers understand who your brand is. It builds a personal relationship with your customer. In brick and mortar stores, customers interact with employees throughout the shopping experience and when they pay for a product. With online retail, the human element is far more removed. Thus, having an about us page allows the customer get to know the person behind the store. This is one of the reasons why pictures of founders and employees work so well on these pages– customers want to know who’s responsible for their favorite brand.

About us pages also help your brand build credibility and customer trust. It allows customers to get an in-depth look into who’s behind your brand and what your brand’s values are. It gives them reassurance that if they buy from your store, they’re making the right decision.

To make your life easier we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tips you need to remember when you’re creating your own about us page.

Maintain Your Branding

When you create an about us page, you’ll want to maintain your store’s branding. If you sell quirky products you’ll want to showcase the same level of quirkiness in your about us page. If you’re a spokesperson for your brand on social media such as a YouTube personality, you’ll want to show pictures of yourself and tell a bit of your personal story as people already connect with you.  An about us example for branding is Tide. They created a clean page with a lot of white space. The pictures are in the same shape as their logo – a circle. Each section’s title is in their brand’s orange and blue colors. Their logo is featured repeatedly through brand photos within the page.

Tell Your Story

About Us Page - Tell Your Story

About us pages require brands to tell their story. You’ll want to bring your customers into the story and make them part of it. Use words like you when telling your story. In your story you’ll want to share who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you do it, and where you do it. Your story is your chance to create a connection with your customers in a human way. MVMT Watches tells a short story about why they started the business and how they differentiate themselves from other watch brands. Luxy Hair’s page offers a more in-depth story which you can also use as inspiration for your page where she includes personal pictures with her customers.

Focus on Design

Focus on design for your about us page

How you design your about us page can really leave an impression on potential customers. You’ll want to incorporate graphics, images, and video to add more color and personality into your page. Having a long blog of text doesn’t usually compel customers to want to read on. By adding visual components, you help bring the story you’re telling to life. Disney is a great example of about us page design. They use a unique color-combination of gold and green throughout their page.Instead of a plain white background they use a soft yellow to give that extra pop of color. They transition between yellow and blue to keep the layout of the page interesting. All leadership photographs were taken in an outdoor setting to maintain the fresh green in their color scheme. They layout their images in a zigzag format to move a person’s eyes across the screen. They also use gifs in their history slider. Every detail was carefully thought out and brilliantly executed.

Include a Timeline

About us page - Include a timeline

You might want to include your store’s timeline as a part of its story. Some brands use timelines as a way to showcase their accomplishments since inception. You can bring your customers into the timeline by including your shared moments together such as first sales. If you’ve won awards or accomplished goals you can include those into your timelines as well. Adding pictures of your company’s big wins helps make the page pop. Burberry has one of the most unique timeline’s in their about us page. Their brand starts at 1856 and goes through historical fashion moments. From military photos of their trench coats to a blue flying suit. The imagery within their timeline looks historic giving the brand more credibility.

Include a Mission or Vision Statement

Add a mission statement - create about us pageMission and vision statements belong on about us pages. It’s in these short and sweet statements where you convey to your customer what your store’s big mission in life is. Do you hope to rescue animals? Do you strive to raise funds for a social cause? Are you working to inspire a certain number of customers? Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish? Adidas is a great about us example as their page starts off with the company mission. They add emphasis by bolding what they want you to focus on. They bring you, the customer, into the mission. When writing an about us page, using the word ‘you’ makes the customer feel like you’re speaking directly to them creating a more personal touch.

Include Social Proof

Your about us page is where you want to highlight your accomplishments. Include your testimonials, media clippings, and awards on this page. Let customers know why others love your customers love your brand. Showcase which major publications have featured your products or brand. Mention the business awards you’ve won. Fabletics is a great example of a brand who added social proof to their about us page. They’ve added media clippings from top women’s publications. They also include testimonials from reputable publications. As a store owner, you can even add customer testimonials to your page.

Show Off Your Team

Your team are constantly working hard to make your customers happy. It helps to put a face behind the person managing your customer service or the founder of your store. This helps humanize the shopping experience. It makes your employees feel special that they’re featured on the website they work for. The Honest Company has a Meet Our Founders page where you get to know Jessica Alba and her cofounder. If you have less than five employees, feel free to add bios so that customers can get to know the real you.

Mention Contact Information

While you might have your contact information on the footer, some choose to also include it in their about us page. You might include your founder’s personal email for people to reach him or her. You could include your business phone number for people to reach you. Having your mailing address is also helpful to let people know that you’re a real company. Sephora is an example of a company that added contact information to their page. They chose to provide an address for vendors who’d like their products in their stores. As a store owner, you can provide your personal email address to allow customers to contact you directly to build a stronger relationship.

Add Job Postings

While most about us pages don’t include job postings, it might be a good idea to include them in this section. You’ve just hyped up your company to a potential customer, why wouldn’t they want to work for you? Often times, if a company is hiring for a role, people browse the about us page to learn more about it so it actually makes sense to include a couple of job postings on this page if you own a smaller company. Luxy Hair includes three job postings on their about us page after showcasing how awesome their brand is. As a store owner, you could probably get away with adding a few more than three but if you have more than eight, you might want to keep your job postings on a separate careers page. The great thing about having job postings on your about us page is that people reading it have a better understanding of your company’s values. Thus, hopefully leading to better candidates applying to your company.

Include Links To Your Products

Top brands keep their entire store optimized for sales. That’s why they include a link to their product page at the bottom of the page to draw web browsers back to their products or in between certain pieces of content. After a customer has learned about your brand, they’ll be more likely to trust your brand and will likely be ready to buy. About us examples that do this well are
Fabletics, MVMT Watches and Estee Lauder. They all do it differently. Fabletics and Estee Lauder add the link at the end whereas MVMT Watches adds it throughout the page to increase their odds of conversion. Estee Lauder approaches it by recommending that people ‘Shop the story’ which makes it seem almost like an exclusive product for the about us page. Fabletics offers a range of product categories with attractive model pictures. They use a bright red call to action that encourages people to ‘start shopping.

What are your favorite about us page examples? Are you going to be adding any new components to the one on your store? Let us know in the comments section.

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Nicole Martins Ferreira
Nicole Martins Ferreira
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