Dropshipping Tip of the Week #1

Despite the obvious benefits of dropshipping compared to other eCommerce business models, as a dropshipper you could encounter issues that you may not be fully prepared for.

One of the things that can get in yourway is the issue of time. If you have processed a large number of separate Oberlo orders in one day, you probably spent many hours ordering products because you had to make numerous small transactions when processing each order individually. That time could have been better spent on marketing or developing new ideas for your business.

Plus, sometimes many separate, small transactions can trigger questions from your payment provider.

Here is a quick tip on how you can process a bunch of orders in only a few steps, which will allow you to save time and lower risks.


After you have placed an order and have been redirected to the payment page, instead of paying for each product separately, scroll down and click “Cancel payment and return to AliExpress”. This way you won’t have to continue with the payment right away, but your order will still be saved. You can later review it in the ‘Awaiting Payments’ section.

Awaiting Payments section


Repeat this with as many orders as you need and then go to the ‘My Orders’ page, where you will see all of the orders waiting to be paid. Now you can finish processing a large number of orders all at once instead of making small orders every time.

My Orders page

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