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Video transcript: Hey, everyone. My name is David, and it’s question time. Just like each week, we’re taking a closer look at the questions that you all dropped into the comments of videos on our YouTube channel. If you have questions of your own, don’t be shy. Alright, so today we have a couple of great questions from Mireille. She wants to know about ecommerce shipping and how you can get customers to wait a month for their order, especially when Amazon is out there delivering products in 24 hours.

This is an awesome question, one that just about every dropshipper will ask at some point.

But first...

What is Ecommerce Shipping?

Ecommerce shipping is the transportation process that a good or service must take in order to get from a retailer to the customer. This could span countries, cities, or simply be sending an email if you are selling digital downloads. With dropshipping, ecommerce shipping is a little more complex as goods may be shipped a long way to get to the customer, and this can take weeks. 

Setting Ecommerce Shipping Expectations

ecommerce shipping from china to the rest of the world

First things first, make sure your customers know exactly how long shipping takes. Setting realistic expectations with ecommerce shipping now will save you headaches later. It might even be a good idea to have a shipping details page on your website so you can link to that from your checkout or from the footer. The more transparent, the better.

Make Free Shipping Standard

Another idea, offer free shipping and be sure to let your shoppers know about it. Go ahead and charge a little bit extra for the product itself and then tell the world that your shipping is free. Being loud about your free shipping will immediately impact expectations. Customers will anticipate and accept a slower delivery time, and they’ll love you for giving them something for nothing.

Find the Right Supplier for Fast Ecommerce Shipping

You can also do some detective work by ordering a few products from different suppliers, and seeing how long shipping takes. Not all of them will be a month. If you have one or two suppliers who take their sweet time with deliveries, maybe save yourself the trouble and drop them from your store.

Target the Right Countries

picture of a map with flags stuck in countries

One more thing, target countries with the best ecommerce shipping options. Advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram let you use location targeting. So instead of blasting out ads to everyone, use what you know about shipping times to different countries to inform your marketing campaigns.

So, Mireille, hope that helps. You guys have your own questions? Great. Shoot. We’re scanning the comments every day, and we’d love to use your question in our next video. We’ll be cranking out these videos every week. So if you’re into dropshipping too, subscribe for more. Until next time, happy dropshipping.

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